Wake Up and Bring the Bling to Your Customers!

Business owners like you or your boss are always looking for ways to make the sale or in some cases make more money on the sale.  One of the most effective ways to make more money on a sale is to up sell the customer to a more profitable product.

With apparel decorating one of my favorite ways to do this is to take a customer design and elevate it.

Say this line out loud with a little sales swagger:  “If you want basic, I can give you basic.  But if you want to stand out, just wait until you see looks we have for you!”

Special effect print techniques can take a $15 customized garment for a group and turn it into a $25+ garment with little additional cost.

But in order to profit from special effect finishes, make more money and earn more business, you have to know the options, create some samples and commit to sell them.  Really, you have to “wake up”!

That “we’ve always done it this way” funk or that “all we do is names and numbers” funk is stunting growth….it really is.

I had a heartfelt conversation with a long time Stahls’ customer in the Sporting Goods Industry.  He told me that he didn’t realize the type of interest that he would have in these “new” materials.  He said, “I’m so glad you all kept on me to try this stuff”.  He said, “sometimes you just have to wake us up and say listen!”.  If you’re that shop owner, or your boss is that shop owner.  This is the wake up call!

Pass along this blog post and video below, showing some of the hottest selling special effects!

If you want a sample all you have to do is email.  We’re here to help you grow sales! ( Send to josh @ cadcutdirect.com )

If you’re already profiting from these bling materials then congratulations!  You may enjoy the video and learn how to take things to the next level by combining effects in two color designs.

Watch below and thanks for reading….please comment if this post hits home, all products can be found at Stahls’ CADCUTdirect.com



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