Red, White & Blue Heat Press News

Stahls’ Hotronix has been manufacturing quality heat presses for quite some time.  I can remember when I started working for the company years ago, helping my grandfather’s contract cleaning company as a janitor…I’d sometimes get to have lunch with the men and women who built the presses each day and always enjoyed the conversations about how many presses they built that day or that morning.  As a “kid” or “rookie” in the grand scheme of things, I had ideas back then about what would make a cool heat press or how we could build them faster…not necessarily anything groundbreaking, but more break room talk – the most notable (or funny) design was the piggyback press that my grandfather and I concocted.  I’m pretty sure we drew it on a napkin somewhere, but let’s just say there were some design flaws and it never made the cut:)

Thankfully, I’ve matured in my career with Stahls’ and have been taught by many knowledgeable folks along the way.  I now have a proper understanding of what our customers need out of a heat press.

Let me share some brief notes….

First and most critical is accurate time, temperature and pressure.  Once these elements are delivered, then it comes down to versatility (meaning the amount of items your can press) and functionality (how easy is it to operate).  I believe it’s that simple, so use those items as a guide when you shop.

Over the years Hotronix has delivered on all of these things and their engineers continue to innovate and bring out the most technologically advanced presses in the world – all from a little town called Carmichaels, PA.  Actually, most of those same men and women who were here when I started are still designing, building and supporting the machines today.  That’s right, still made in the USA.

Recently, there has been an influx in offshore heat presses being imported and sold by new internet companies out to make a quick buck.  Most presses in this import category do not deliver accurate time, temperature and pressure – so the durability of your garments and integrity of your company are at stake if you choose to print with these presses.   Also, take heed that these companies are new and Stahls’ is not.  We’ve been in business for nearly 80 years – we have proven to be around to support you if there is a problem.  This press really celebrates that.

I’m excited to show off the work our team does over at Stahls’ Hotronix by sharing with you a video we recently did about the American Pride line of heat presses.  We’ve made the two best selling presses from the line up available in this style.  By purchasing an American Pride heat press this month you’ll support Hotronix USA manufacturing, but you’ll also support our troops – our owner Ted Stahl is donating $50 from each American Pride heat press sale to the USO (read more about the USO here).

Watch the video, see which press is right for you and let us know what you think….please sound off in the comments section with questions or comments about Stahls’ Hotronix heat presses, hopefully some folks who own the presses will attest to their reliability.

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