Heat Applied Graphics SKILLZ – Impressions Awards

So we’ve been on a campaign over the last 10 years to get heat applied graphics recognized as a viable decorating technology.  There are millions of us out here that use or sell the process and have witnessed the opportunities available to those with a heat press.   The media outlets within are industry are seeing this too!  This year Impressions Magazine has made what I consider a MAJOR stride towards drawing awareness towards heat applied graphics by adding “Most Creative Use of Heat Applied Graphics” as a new category in the annual Impressions Awards.  NOW, the ball is in our court.

I’m asking for your help….

Please design and submit an entry into the competition!!!  The winning entry gets showcased at the ISS trade shows throughout the year and also featured in the magazine.  Winning an award like this brings notoriety to your business locally and gives you something to promote – a nationwide award is a pretty big deal.

If you want to enter you can read all about the competition here – Impression Awards Announcement.

We have until August 13th to have the entries turned in.

Please also take the time to link to this competition in the various industry forums that you participate in as well as Twitter, Facebook etc.

Thanks for reading and good luck!


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